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Ike & Eli's Food Drive

As the #zerowastehuman challenge and 2016 come to a close, we want to invite you to continue to be a blessing in your personal philanthropy. Please take a moment to glance through your pantry and cabinets to collect any non-perishable food items, unopened hygiene products, and cleaning products, then bring them to the urban farm! Our food drive benefiting the North Texas Food Bank will begin on New Year's Eve and will end on Saturday, 1/21/17, so you have 3 whole weeks to clean your kitchen and bathroom! What better way to get a fresh start to the new year and enjoy zero-wasting?

Some tips:

1. Please make sure the products are not expired.

2. Unopened hygiene and cleaning products only, please.

3. Dented cans are great; bulging tops indicate some botulism is growing. Please toss that one!

4. Your special diet foods (gluten free, kosher, vegan, etc.) are most welcome.

5. Don't forget household goods you may have in excess, such as toilet tissue or feminine hygiene.

6. Proper nutrition is vital for our neighbors in need, so don't be afraid to give your healthiest!

Below are the most desired items for the North Texas Food Bank and their satellite pantries:

There will be a large box on our front porch for your to donate your goods. Please visit 2313 Tiffany Ct. in Garland, 75043 to drop off your generous donations. Feel free to email any questions to, and thank you in advance for participating!

Till next time,

Dallas Farmer Gal

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