Ugly Fruit and Veg - Don't hate, tolerate!

There is an incredible movement going on now that was started by several anti-hunger activists in an effort to stop the waste of fresh produce. Many perfectly good fruits and vegetables are discarded during the picking and sorting process simply because they don't look appealing! According to National Geographic, we lose 2.9 trillion pounds of food each year - which is a third of what we produce in gardens and farms in the world - and is enough food to feed a least a billion more people. Not to be a total bummer, but that's a scary statistic considering how many hungry people there are in the world! The idea that this bowl of fresh produce from my urban farm, which I found to be absolutely d

Healthy Detox

When you think of detox, you probably conjure up images of green juices and fasting in order to cleanse your body. While juicing is definitely healthy and excellent for your system because it provides nutrients and gives your digestive system a break, it turns out there are some risks that go along with it. Modern Farmer magazine featured an article regarding the potential environmental hazards the juice craze has gotten us into. The theory is the disposal of the fibers are ending up in landfills instead of compost bins due to city and state food regulations, which is wreaking havoc of our ecosystem. How sad to waste the leftover produce! Drinking non-pasteurized juice can also be dangerous

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