Lessons From Gideon

Boy...no one ever tells you how tough entrepreneurship can be! Truth time: Taking the leap from a full-time, high-paying job in an industry I'd been in for over 20 years to living my dream of zero-waste urban farming has often made me feel inadequate. How many times have you related to this? This month I started Priscilla Shirer's bible study on Gideon, the 3-chapter story nestled into the Book of Judges. I felt called to Gideon's particular story of having his army reduced from 32,000 Israelites to 300 in order to defeat the Midianites who had taken over their land. How could Gideon possibly do this, especially when - according to the first chapter - he had so little faith in himself? And w

Zero-Waste Taters

All red-blooded Texans love potatoes with their meals. After all, we are known for our "meat and potatoes" ways down here! I'm certainly no exception. If you look in our fridge, chances are you'll see a green container filled with leftover mashed potatoes from one of our many meals during the week. Through a little trial and error, we've found ways to reuse those potatoes to add to new dishes without compromising our pledge to not being boring with leftovers. Behold, the Ike & Eli's Tots: You see here salt, pepper, Panko, all purpose flour, a pasture-raised egg, and about 4 mashed red potatoes from earlier in the week. The measurements are less important than the texture; don't go too dry! T

Garden Spinach Lasagna

There aren't a lot of things more satisfying than growing your own nutritious produce, mindfully preparing it, and serving it to your family. Zero-waste cooking hacks, such as freezing or drying herbs and greens and canning tomatoes, make your life in the kitchen a lot easier by saving time. I created a spinach lasagna from a few items I had lying around and a few pieces of garden delight. Read on and enjoy! First of all, let's examine why spinach and tomatoes pair so beautifully for your health. Green leafy veggies provide more nutrients on a calorie-for-calorie measure than any other foods on the planet. Loaded with bone-healthy vitamin K, calcium, magnesium, and vitamin D, spinach is a de

CROP Walk September 17

Mr. Man and I have signed up to walk for Metrocrest Services of Carrollton, TX during this Hunger Action Month because we want hunger to go DOWN! From a nutritional standpoint, we not only want our neighbors to be well fed, but we want them fed with healthy produce. Your support is greatly appreciated. Please consider donation to our small pledge amount or join us for some fun exercise and fellowship! Please donate at the following link. (You'll need to copy and paste into your browser.) Blessings, friends! www.crophungerwalk.org/carrolltontx/dallasfarmergal Till next time, Dallas Farmer Gal

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