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We offer a range of services which encompass our passion for sustainability. Our plant-based classes show you how to prepare nutritious food for your loved ones while preserving precious resources. Consider us your source for sustainable cooking!


Cooking classes for up to 6 people

Learn how to cook from the garden and reduce food waste with this class designed to be interactive and hands on. This takes place in the comfort of your own home.

Pricing: $89 per person, which includes the cost of food


Kids Can Cook Hands-On Classes

Perfect for ages 8-12, this hands-on class will help your budding chef feel confident helping you in the kitchen! They'll learn kitchen safety, simple cooking tips, and fractions as we measure ingredients together. This takes place in your home and is perfect for groups of up to 6 kids. A fun way to get your kiddos to eat and love their veggies!

Pricing: $79 per child + adult pair, which includes the cost of food


Cooking classes for groups of 10+

Part sustainability talks, part ingredient sourcing, and a lot of hands-on cooking takes place in this community-style class with a family meal at the end. This takes place in your home or favorite venue.

Pricing: $99 per person, which includes the cost of food


Cooking Demonstrations

Designed specifically to improve the health and wellness of your company, this cooking demonstration takes place in your setting and features tastings of the food prepared. We'll discuss utilizing leftovers, cooking from the garden, using every part of the plant, and more!

Pricing: Varies due to class size, choice of topic, and number of dishes expected, plus the cost of food

Please email or use the contact form under the "Learn" tab to discuss your class. 

I look forward to hearing from you!

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