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Love Plant Nourish 2018 Review

Hi friends!

It's been a few months since I've written a blogpost, and I thought a recap of 2018 would be a fun way to get back into the groove. Here's what happened at Love Plant Nourish this year:

Backyard Garden at The Bridge Homeless Recovery Center, which is providing fresh food to our neighbors in downtown Dallas.

Backyard Garden at The Bridge Homeless Recovery Center

A little camping for fun.

Took a hike in the Ouachita Mountains. In the rain. Not the best idea, but still a treat.

Culinary school at El Centro began, and year 2 begins in January.

My dear friend Guadalupe, who took a few classes with me.

Thought up some fun ways to help our community waste less and give more. Our T-shirt drive is ongoing, so feel free to reach out and give me your beat up T-shirts to use for bags for our neighbors downtown!

Was blessed with many new friends, including several of my fellow students.

Planted beans, tomatoes, and a plethora of herbs to cook at home.

Really delved into living waste free - making our own products, shopping in bulk, and helping others learn how to do it themselves.

Spent time serving with friends.

While 2018 has been a challenging year academically, it's been a wonderful one. The word for this year was "Brave". It's scary trying new things, but it's been very rewarding. As we let God direct our steps, we're living in faithful expectations that He'll provide more and more opportunities with Love Plant Nourish, culinary school, and service to Him.

We hope you've had a beautiful year, and wish you a very Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Happy New Year.

Bless your year,

Dallas Farmer Gal

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