Organic or Conventional? That is the question...

I'm a fan of a Vegetable Gardeners page on Facebook, and am always happy to see my fellow Texans displaying their fresh produce there. Recently the moderator stepped in and said something to the effect of being nice and respecting each others' opinions regarding different growing methods. This shocked me because I had no idea there were such differences of opinion on the matter of growing organically or using conventional methods...or why anyone would be up in arms about someone else's choices! Ike & Eli's Organic Farm grows organically by using organic, non-GMO seeds, organic soil and homemade compost, and the use of natural materials which are chemical-free for gardening purposes. That mea

Organization for Zero-waste Living

One of my zero-waste gurus, Bea Johnson, has been very open about the way she minimized her home that she shares with her husband and sons. She shows beautiful pictures of an all white house with orange accents here and there, closets with only enough clothes for a week's rotation, and cupboards containing mason jars filled with bulk products. The ideas were so inspiring when we initially went zero-waste that I think I went a little overboard with the purchase of reusable items. Now that I've calmed down and realized we can't all realistically live such a minimal lifestyle, I've found what works for us in our home. The biggest area in most homes that need a refresh are the kitchens, where fo

Loving Plant-Based Nutrition

One thing we know here in Texas is beef. Smoked brisket, steaks, name it, we love it. Sometimes, though, we need a reboot on our diets to give our digestive system and wallet a break. The last few weeks I've been making plant-based meals for me and Mr. Man, taking a weekend break to enjoy a meaty meal or two, then resuming plant-based eating Monday-Friday. Important side note: notice I didn't use the term "vegan" to describe our eating style. That word tends to incite negativity in a lot of people, as we immediately think of self-righteous individuals proclaiming how omnivores are destroying the planet and killing innocent animals. That ain't us! The term has recently become s

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