Off-Grid Living

Mr. Man became interested in off-grid living several years before I did. In my couture beauty, girlie girl state, I couldn't fathom why anyone would want to relinquish the comforts and conveniences I'd become accustomed to. After all, I'd put a lot of work into my skin, hair, and makeup over the years...why ruin it with dry hands from working outdoors? Scary! Luckily, I eventually realized how beautiful life is without the unnecessary clutter of vanity. It turns out, there are a lot of other women - very beautiful women just like you, in fact - who have taken the same approach to living as we do now. Embracing a zero-waste lifestyle, complete with off-grid setups to live sustainably, is real

Healthier Fries

Is there a more delicious food on the planet than French fries? Seriously...perfect for snacking, salty but delicate, and a great accompaniment to most meals (even filet mignon...although we just call them pommes frites when they garnish a fine dining experience). Fries do have a caveat to them though, and it's not exactly what you'd think. Sure, over-consumption negatively affects the waistline, and some of them have been morphed into chemical-laden versions of themselves. But did you know eating fried potatoes immediately introduces oxidants into your system? As much as we strive to enjoy antioxidant-rich foods to keep cancer at bay and our skin beautiful, when we intake oxidants we immedi

2017 Goal: Joie de Vivre

Happy 2017 everyone! I just love January, don't you? The last couple of months in the year are full of stress, rapidity, and expectation, but January is nothing but possibilities for the upcoming year. This is the time when people start reevaluating their healthy habits, and although the New Year's Resolution has become cliche, I still think it's a perfect time to start laying out goals. Here at Ike & Eli's, our goals will always revolve around the goodness of food. We've decided to maintain our workout regimen (or sometimes lack thereof!) this year, spending most of our exercise time outdoors. While our eating habits are pretty good because we eat the organic food we grow, we can make chang

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