Water Conservation - Part 2

Happy Earth Day! One way to respect the planet and its resources are to save water. Here is another water conservation project I worked on this week for my potted plants in my courtyard. Step 1: Gather supplies. For this project, I used 1/2 gallon mason jars with lids, 7/16 inch nylon rope, river rocks, and rain water. (Mr. Man drilled holes in the lids for me...power tools ain't my thing!) Step 2: Determine the location of your mason jar. It's simple but necessary to do before you begin; depending on your esthetic desires, it may be best to conceal the jars as much as possible. Step 3: Measure the ropes (now called wicks for this project). Put one end all the way at the bottom of the jar, a

Zero-Waste Urban Farming and Nutrition Resources

There are so many excellent resources out there for green living. It's tough to know what sites you'll vibe with, and which ones have the most relevant content for your needs. For all of those interested in urban farming who want to live a sustainable, zero-waste lifestyle, here is a comprehensive list of the top resources I utilize. They keep me motivated, energized, and knowledgeable on the subjects they offer! (You may need to highlight the site and copy URL to your browser.): http://www.zerowastehome.com/ (My Mecca for zero-waste living. Check out Bea Johnson's book!) http://www.trashisfortossers.com/ (Excellent for my beloved friends in New York. This gal lives in Brooklyn.) http://www.

Water Conservation - Part 1

It's already hot here in Dallas, so you know our plants already need a lot of water! I recently purchased a book called Gardening with Less Water by David Bainbridge, and am excited to get started on some of his ideas. They're super inexpensive, and quite easy...even for the novice hardware store customer like myself! Step 1: Locate a cute farm dog to help make your project more fun. Step 2: Place a rubber stopper at the base of the pot to keep the water from draining. I used rubber stoppers for some and cork for others just to experiment. Use what you have! Step 3: Bury small clay pots about 1-3 inches away from your plant. The idea is that the clay pot is porous enough to house water while

Finding Success through Faith

When I decided to embark on this journey of zero-waste urban farming, I thought "how can I possibly make a living off this?" After all, I've worked in retail management for 20-some years, 14 of them being in the luxury beauty industry, and always have had a steady paycheck. (I honestly asked myself if my skin could take a beating that would come with outdoor work!) Luckily for me, I have a wonderful support network full of enthusiastic friends and family. They let me know that if I worked as hard at farming as I did at managing in my former industry, I'd be successful. The fact that they all said this unanimously gave me confidence, and I plowed through my Urban Farming and Conscious Living

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