A Year in the Garden

April 1st will be our official anniversary here at Ike & Eli's. We are one year past leaving a successful career to plant organic produce, to teach our community how to become self-sufficient and healthy, and to grow our faith. One year of setbacks due to weather, insects, our beloved Ike's passing, and one year of deep consideration of whether we were doing the right thing by becoming business owners. We have had such an incredible year full of learning experiences that we thought a recap would be fitting. Entrepreneurship is a scary leap to take from corporations, but when you look at the grand scheme of things, the accomplishments far outweigh the trepidation. When we started out we had a

Southern Collard Greens

A few years ago, while on a work trip in San Francisco, I visited a really cool restaurant that used to be a place bootleggers would frequent to drink, gamble, and enjoy themselves back in the day. The food and atmosphere were great...but there was one thing this hip joint just didn't master: the collard greens. After taking a bite of the firm, bitter side of greens, I asked the server how the chef had prepared them. He replied "just a quick saute!" My Texan self was shocked that someone would do that, but I had plenty of chicken fried steak on my plate to keep me happy. I thanked him and asked for the dessert menu, then devoured a peach cobbler that was incredible. That's when I realized I

Enjoy the Last of the Winter Greens!

Spring planting season is days away, and I know you're anticipating it as much as we are here at the urban farm! For most of us, this winter was a mild one. Not a lot of freezes meant for a slower winter crop development, but an extended growing season. If you're like us, you're savoring the last of your winter greens! Here's how to make the most of these nutritious treats: Cilantro, you sassy little herb, you. Most of us garnish our tacos each Tuesday (or whenever!) with this gem, but do you know the health benefits? It's high in vitamin K, which is great for blood clotting and bone mass. Not to mention potassium, vitamins A and C, plus a great amount of antioxidants! We use cilantro in mor

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