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The New Method of Cooking

Hello friends!

First, please forgive me for neglecting my blog this year. I've been a sponge in 2021, learning the best ways to compost, teach, cook, eat, and live sustainably, which I am dedicated to passing on to you. Here's a snapshot of what I've learned:

This spring I was blessed to take courses in Agronomy (the study of field crops) and Wildlife Management and Conservation. Believe it or not, they went hand in hand; if you preserve the land and allow the animals to do their jobs as pollinators and protectors, the land will become fertile enough to provide food we need to nourish our bodies. That food in turn provides roots which nourish soil, which then absorbs carbon from the atmosphere which purifies our air, and allows the perfect cycle of life if we turn our food scraps into compost, putting it back into the earth. Isn't true sustainability amazing?

I have also had the opportunity this year to stretch myself as a plant-based chef, teaching hands-on cooking classes to groups of both adults and kiddos. I had fun doing a "Chopped" style cooking demo series, where I was provided garden produce on the fly and prepared a meal full of the three macros (carbs, fats, and proteins) with a few basic pantry ingredients and no recipes. There have been fun leftover-repurposing classes, which gave ideas to make yesterday's dinner into today's breakfast in a healthy and delicious way. At home, I've enjoyed trial and error with fermentation, baking (not my strong suit!), and seed starting from my veggies in the garden.

What I'm most excited about is going into 2022 with new classes to offer you. In 2021 I learned what I truly do best, which is educate. I'm passionate about preserving the planet's precious resources and nourishing people so they can live their healthiest and happiest lives. Now I pass that on to you in your personal setting with my low-waste plant-based classes for small groups, large groups, adults, and kids. I'm also happily offering my services at your corporate office in the form of cooking demos and sustainability talks. Please let me know how I can be of service by emailing and exploring the "Nourish" portion of my website.

Yours in service,

Chef Lisa


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