Texas Cleanse (funny)

I wrote this blog a couple of years ago when I was frequently traveling to the land of organic salads, San Francisco, for several days at a time. Now that I've gotten certified in Holistic Nutrition, there's no way I would recommend this diet, but it's funny to see how times have changed in two short years! Enjoy. Getting your body ready for a food climate change On Tuesday I'll be returning to San Francisco. Now, San Fran isn't really known for their wide variety of cuisine, although the city is certainly known for their restaurants. You won't find a great, slow smoked brisket or anything fried there that tastes good, because that region is known for their addictions to all things healthy.

What's Good For You This Season?

This week I was blessed with the opportunity to do a cooking demo for a group of 20 very fun ladies in Frisco, TX. I brought some of our goodies from our urban farm, and purchased the rest at the farmers market up the street to maintain the theme of S.O.U.L. (seasonal, organic, unprocessed, and local) food. Let's dig in to our choices and the nutritional benefits! First, I made honeydew melon wrapped with delicious prosciutto for the ladies to nibble on while I prepared the big demo. Honeydew melon is the easiest melon to find locally that is in season, so it was a no-brainer! In addition to being delicious, honeydew offers appetite control, tons of fiber, and is rich in potassium, magnesium

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