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Cultivating Kindness in 2018

This winter has seemed so long, hasn't it? The only things we have growing are some Swiss chard, a little kale, and our beloved collard greens. It's about time to start propagating your seeds if you do it indoors. We're going to wait another few weeks for my outdoor grow house, because the Old Farmer's Almanac says we can expect a few more cold blasts before our last frost in March!

In the meantime, we're focusing on what we can do in our community. If you've spent any time on our Ministry page, you know we take our commitments to helping our homeless and hungry neighbors very seriously. A lot of people don't have time to go out and volunteer, and that's perfectly okay - that means you have the ability to start at home with your families, your workplace, the coffee shop, or other places in your daily routine.

We've created a program to help guide you every day during 2018 called the Cultivate Kindness Challenge. Each day you'll have the opportunity to serve others selflessly. With each seed you plant in your family and your community, you're growing yourself! Consider the health benefits: lower blood pressure, less stress which can lead to stress eating, and a better complexion. Not to mention the friends you'll start gaining, which could help you get outside and become more active. The Cultivate Kindness Challenge is a win-win for everyone, from the volunteer to the recipient to your community!

For more information and to download our calendar, please visit our Ministry section. The challenge is available at the bottom of the page, and the section has links to several local and international organizations you might consider volunteering your time with. Remember to hashtag:

and tag @dallasfarmergal so we can see the joy you're bringing to our world. We can't wait to see how you're growing your community in 2018!

Bless your soul,

Dallas Farmer Gal

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