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Eating Your Antioxidants

A couple of years ago, I made the life-changing decision to exit the beauty industry and enter the glorious world of growing nutritious, organic food. Try as I might to go all natural all the time, my beauty background nags at me, trying to talk me into buying the latest makeup, skin potions, and exotic new treatments.

Instead of denying my urge to be girlie, I've started researching which foods to grow which will keep my skin at it's optimal (youthful, glowing) level. There aren't any beauty products or treatments I've refused to try, (which my past colleagues can gleefully attest to!), and there aren't any fruits or veggies I won't eat in hopes of capturing the mythical fountain of youth.

This new category will help you decide which foods to try to maintain whatever your goals are for your skin, and it will always align with seasonal food. The beauty industry lab technicians like to incorporate ingredients from food into your products, so why not consume them and directly reap the benefits from the inside out?

This month, as you've seen from other articles, we're focusing heavily on the antioxidant properties of tomatoes. Tomatoes are chock full of cancer-fighting and youth-preserving lycopene, and they're versatile enough to be eaten at every meal. They're most effective when cooked, so roast, saute, or grill those babies until they're nicely sweet and savory. (Check out some of my tomato recipes to get inspired.) Tomatoes are also an excellent source of skin-clearing vitamin C, and the lutein component makes for bright, vibrant eyes!

There is ultimately nothing more beautiful than a healthy, happy person with a great outlook. Incorporating nutrition into your beauty regimen will make you more youthful and radiant! What a great reason to #GrowYourNutrition. When you feel good, you're going to want to do great things. Remember...

Bless your beauty,


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