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Off-Grid Living

Mr. Man became interested in off-grid living several years before I did. In my couture beauty, girlie girl state, I couldn't fathom why anyone would want to relinquish the comforts and conveniences I'd become accustomed to. After all, I'd put a lot of work into my skin, hair, and makeup over the years...why ruin it with dry hands from working outdoors? Scary!

Luckily, I eventually realized how beautiful life is without the unnecessary clutter of vanity. It turns out, there are a lot of other women - very beautiful women just like you, in fact - who have taken the same approach to living as we do now. Embracing a zero-waste lifestyle, complete with off-grid setups to live sustainably, is really fantastic. Now that our mindset has shifted, our finances have too. Cooking at home from scratch every night is a labor of love, not irritated haste, and truly enjoying the life we've created here at home. In fact, as you may remember from a post written a few months ago, we now travel to places with off-grid setups to enjoy the world as God intended.

Part of my trepidation with off-grid living was two-fold: first, I disliked the term "prepping" because of the end of the world implications, and secondly, it just seemed...well, time consuming and difficult. I was recently blessed to come across a website and their resources on off-grid living and cooking. I'm so pleased to share with you Trayer Wilderness, whose site link is located in my Love section! Ms. Trayer has done what a lot of women are very intimidated by; she's become self-sufficient and takes care of her family while saving financial and environmental resources. Her books are detailed and loving, as though she's talking to her best friend who happens to live in a big city high-rise and wants to give this lifestyle a try.

I have to show you some pics of the cabin we rented and their off-grid setup, just to demonstrate how not scary the concept is:

Battery storage for the solar panels on the roof, which power the house's electric.

Water source, which is heated by the sun.

But look inside! This isn't a ramshackle house with no style.

Check out the view from the living room! Who wouldn't want to live here?

Don't be frightened to try something new, and definitely check out the Trayer Wilderness books for your step-by-step guides on how to accomplish zero-waste, sustainable living at your own pace. I'm glad I finally gave this mindset shift a chance, and I promise, you'll enjoy it as well.

Till next time,

Dallas Farmer Gal

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