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2017 Goal: Joie de Vivre

Happy 2017 everyone! I just love January, don't you? The last couple of months in the year are full of stress, rapidity, and expectation, but January is nothing but possibilities for the upcoming year. This is the time when people start reevaluating their healthy habits, and although the New Year's Resolution has become cliche, I still think it's a perfect time to start laying out goals.

Here at Ike & Eli's, our goals will always revolve around the goodness of food. We've decided to maintain our workout regimen (or sometimes lack thereof!) this year, spending most of our exercise time outdoors. While our eating habits are pretty good because we eat the organic food we grow, we can make changes. For starters, the strict regimen of eating color and balance at each meal to ensure proper nutrition? Well, sometimes that's more of an obsession than a way of life. That's why this year we're doing as the French do: eat delicious food to nourish our bodies, our skin, and our souls while not worrying about the mandated "what we should do's". Here's how we plan to achieve that:

We're going to savor every bite of the seasonal fruit and veggies we're served. No food is off limits, unless it's a processed one. The fewer the ingredients in a dish, the fewer the calories, fats, cholesterol, and time to prepare. (You can practically see the antioxidants on this table full of real food!)

We're going to shop well. This shot was taken at a marketplace in Aix-en-Provence, France, where the locals shop for their bread, veggies, fruit, fish, and meat all in the same place. Everything is fresh, and the food miles and processing of the food itself is extremely minimal. Good for you, and good for the planet.

Portion size and plating. We tend to plate beautifully for others, but not for ourselves. Why not take the time to enjoy the art of cooking, plating, and dining? Slowing down helps digestion, and helps you ascertain your fullness level. Plus, a plate with a nice amount of negative space makes your meal feel luxurious!

Go for the dessert. Notice how this one is fruit, a custard, and some fruity compote on top? Cookies and cakes are nice, but this decadent and healthy dessert is a nice finale to a dining experience. You're worth it!

I'm obviously inspired by the French approach to food and their enjoyment of food as life. (Blame my genes!) The French paradox of their age longevity, beauty, and health as it relates to their sometimes extremely rich diet has always intrigued me. This year, instead of trying to feel guilty about the butter content of the food, I'm going to savor the whole foods in a balanced way. Who's with me? Sound off in the comments below!

Till next time,

Dallas Farmer Gal

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