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Grow Your Nutrition

As the growing season comes to a screeching halt with this week's hard freeze, we're encouraged by the amount of support we've received since starting our business this spring. We've faltered, lost some plants, attempted to decipher a perfect brand for our business model, and through the failures we've experienced some great successes thanks to clients who believe in us!

That being said, we've decided to go back to our roots, so to speak. After all, we are an urban farm that focuses on using zero-waste methods to grow our nutritious food. Why over-complicate our mission? Loved ones, our 2017 mission statement and business model is as follows:

What does that mean for you, our beloved clients? More streamlined services to choose from:

1. In-home client sessions focusing on growing the foods you love and need to eat for your specific health concerns from our certified Holistic Nutritionist.

2. Once-monthly classes here at the urban farm with new and exciting topics depending on the season led by our certified Urban Farmer.

3. More content for our speaking engagements.

As you're trying to determine what your New Year's Resolutions will be, we pray they center around taking care of the temple you're in. There is nothing more satisfying than growing your own nutritious food in your backyard and enjoying the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

Grow your nutrition, and be well!

Till next time,

Dallas Farmer Gal

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