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The #zerowastehuman Challenge

As the year comes to a close and the holidays approach, we here at Ike & Eli's Organic Farm believe it's time to start saving. Saving more resources via zero-waste methods, and saving our fellow humans by outreaching to them and letting them know they're loved. We created a challenge to keep these thoughts fresh in your mind daily, and it includes ways to save, ways to give, and ways to help others.

To participate is simple! Take a picture of yourself collecting canned goods, cleaning your closet for donations, or doing something that makes you happy with friends or family. On days where you'll buy coffee or lunch for a stranger, take a picture of the receipt. Hashtag #zerowastehuman on all social media, and tag @texasfarmergal so we can see your work! (Side note: please don't take pictures of yourself doing charity work, as we would never want to embarrass anyone or give ourselves the glory.) You can also create a meme of yourself with the hashtag #zerowastehuman and upload it! See below for an example made on Pixteller:

For another calendar view, please visit the philanthropy section of this website. Also, sound off in the comment section below it so we'll know who's zero-wasting with us! And if you need inspiration on some organizations to link up with, the philanthropy section has some great resources to get you started.

We're so excited, and hope you are too! Let us know your thoughts and commitments below. And remember:

Till next time, Happy Helping!

Dallas Farmer Gal

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