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Texas Cleanse (funny)

I wrote this blog a couple of years ago when I was frequently traveling to the land of organic salads, San Francisco, for several days at a time. Now that I've gotten certified in Holistic Nutrition, there's no way I would recommend this diet, but it's funny to see how times have changed in two short years! Enjoy.

Getting your body ready for a food climate change

On Tuesday I'll be returning to San Francisco. Now, San Fran isn't really known for their wide variety of cuisine, although the city is certainly known for their restaurants. You won't find a great, slow smoked brisket or anything fried there that tastes good, because that region is known for their addictions to all things healthy. So, I'm going to have to prep my body for this change of feasts. Here's my plan: Thursday: Homemade Sloppy Joes Friday: Babe's Chicken Dinner House with courtesy green beans for your system Saturday: Turn leftover Babe's into chicken and waffles for breakfast, then smoked brisket with cauliflower "mac" n cheese Sunday: BOB (brisket on a biscuit) from Patina Green in McKinney, and more Sloppy Joes Monday: Bring it all together with some homemade Pho to ease myself back into the land of salads and veggie burgers See how easy? Pepper in some hardcore workouts so you're not as big as a house from consuming all that, and you're eating like a smart Texan!

Does this remind anyone of the State Fair food we're imbibing this month? Remember, it's fine to engage in a little bad food from time to time. Otherwise, depriving yourself can lead to bad emotions, and who wants that? Moderation and balance are key. Now go balance all of those brisket and Sloppy Joe dinners with some kale!

Till next time,

Dallas Farmer Gal

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