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Love and Dignity Ministry

I've talked a few times about making the time to help others. Not only will this help your sense of self-satisfaction, but it will also help your spiritual side. I used to throw money at the problems I saw on television; ASPCA always got me, as did the children in other countries who needed help and love. But it wasn't until I took the leap from the corporate world into the farming one that I really had the time to work with charities instead of financing them...and this has been a wonderful experience!

Outside of some of the organizations I work with, I've decided that, with your help, I'll be able to do an outreach ministry to our street homeless here in Dallas. Your donation of $7 will provide a reusable nylon bag, reusable bottle with water, weather-proof protein bars, a personal hygiene pack, and a copy of the Gospel of John, and it will be such a blessing! In addition to your donations, you're more than welcome to join me in reaching out to our community to offer nutrition and spiritual guidance to someone who needs it desperately.

Thank you for considering, and may you have many blessings!

Till next time,

Dallas Farmer Gal

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