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Zero-Waste Urban Farming and Nutrition Resources

There are so many excellent resources out there for green living. It's tough to know what sites you'll vibe with, and which ones have the most relevant content for your needs. For all of those interested in urban farming who want to live a sustainable, zero-waste lifestyle, here is a comprehensive list of the top resources I utilize. They keep me motivated, energized, and knowledgeable on the subjects they offer! (You may need to highlight the site and copy URL to your browser.): (My Mecca for zero-waste living. Check out Bea Johnson's book!) (Excellent for my beloved friends in New York. This gal lives in Brooklyn.) (My holistic doctor hero!) (Search the Nourish category for beautiful and inspiring recipes.) (Excellent recipes and workouts.)

I encourage you to visit these sites to learn more about how you can contribute to a healthier planet and a healthier you. They've collectively made a huge difference in my life, and with time and a little research, I know you'll experience the same satisfaction. Remember, I'm always here to answer any questions and help you in your journey!

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