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One raised bed down, one to go!

Saturday my sweet husband and I worked together to build a raised bed on one of the few flat surfaces we have. It's 4 X 8, and is filled with organic soil and Texas clay soil. Once our compost is ready to go, that'll be stirred in to enhance the beds.

Why did we sink the raised beds? Here in Texas, raised beds dry out pretty quickly in our drought-like conditions, and wasting water isn't an option for us. Sinking the beds slightly allows the cool earth to maintain temperature and water levels in the soil, which is healthier for the soil and the plants overall.

Planting day can't get here fast enough! According to the 2016 Old Farmer's Almanac, we aren't expecting any harsh winter weather here, so planting weekend is set for March 12 and 13. Come on, Spring!

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