From Chef Lisa

I am dedicated to supporting the health and well-being of our neighbors in Dallas while protecting our planet's precious resources from being wasted. My hope is to inspire you with ways to share love in your community through food and service.

Join me every Monday at 11 for plant-based cooking demonstrations at the Dallas Arboretum brought to you by Dallas College Cooks!.


Ike & Eli's started as an organic butterfly garden in Spring 2010. When my husband and I saw how well herbs and vegetables grew in the nutrient-rich soil, we wanted to begin harvesting food for ourselves to save money and reap the benefits of delicious, home-grown food. That passion turned into a permaculture-based urban farm which utilizes zero-waste methods. What does that mean, exactly? Our soil now contains compost from kitchen and home product waste, and we incorporate the use of rain barrels, recycled material, and reused home goods to operate. Our personal low-waste lifestyle has allowed us to save money and resources by using minimal products which keep our household clean and healthy. 


I had a successful career in luxury beauty management which spanned over 20 years, and my love for teaching has translated to teaching people how to prepare low-waste meals at home with fresh ingredients. My primary focuses were gardening and home cooking, but in 2015, holistic nutrition came calling. I went back to school and received certifications in both Urban Farming and Holistic Nutrition from the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts so I could teach people how to grow and eat healthy foods they crave. A graduate of Dallas College's Culinary and Hospitality Institute, I love cooking my home grown, plant based meals for loved ones and guests at the Dallas Arboretum. 


Ike is our beloved mini-dachshund rescue who is farming with us in spirit from his basil patch in Heaven. He always loved being in the garden with us, and really inspired us to spend more time outside. Eli is our ASPCA mixed breed who explores with great caution and is very helpful with spotting pests we need to organically eliminate and produce needing to be harvested.

1 Chronicles 4:10

Okra and me
Okra and me
How ‘bout that community garden at _brid
How ‘bout that community garden at _brid